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SPA & Salon Products

You can create a SPA-like experience at home with our special oils, massage creams, gels, and facial kits.
Explore the products listed in this section to indulge and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of natural rejuvenation and refreshing aromas.

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Aromatherapy Oils

Choose from a selection of soothing Lavender or intoxicating Lemongrass to calm your senses and relax your body after a long and stressful day.


Massage Creams

These herbal massage creams relax your mind, body and soul and make you feel invigorated. These creams help to even the skin surface with its exceptional soothing properties.



Our exclusive and luxurious range of Massage gels are suitable for all skin types. These gels are enriched with essential oils and nutrients which helps skin in retaining its natural hydration. They not only nourish and deeply moisturize the skin but also impart healing and relaxing properties.


Facial SPA Kits

This facial kit is everything you need for a spa-quality like experience that can be created at home. Suitable for all skin conditions, its facial will relax your facial muscles and refine pores while reducing the appearance of redness. It balances the skin tone and results in a revitalized and glowing complexion.


Foot SPA

Pamper your hands and feet and restore the beauty and suppleness in your skin with this luxurious treatment. This starts with a cleanser, followed by an aromatic exfoliation with a scrub, hand & foot massage cream, and finally a foot mask for tan removal.


Body Scrub

Gently scrub your face and body to remove dead skin cells, blackheads and impurities. It also helps promote skin regeneration and improving the skin tone, hence revealing flawless skin. Natural scrubs such as strawberry and walnuts are gentle on the skin and provide the much needed nourishment as well.

Ayurvedic Bath Essentials


Ayurveda considers bathing as a therapeutic activity. A leisurely bath relaxes tense muscles, irons out a creased brow, opens clogged pores, restores moisture to the tissues, and adds a healing dimension to your day.

Bathing has always been accorded the status of a sacred activity in Indian life. During explorations of ancient India’s Indus Valley Civilization in Mohenjo-Daro, archaeologists unearthed a large pool-like structure with steps leading down at both ends. In addition, homes in this surprisingly advanced civilization had their own private baths and an elaborate drainage system.

As the world discovered the comfort and pleasure a bath could bring, new ways were found to make it a healing experience. Ancient ayurvedic texts speak of therapeutic baths featuring rose petals, milk, honey, and turmeric. Preceded by a luxurious full-body warm oil massage and followed by the application of rich sandalwood paste and floral waters on the skin, the ayurvedic bath was designed to restore balance to mind, body and spirit.

SPA & Salon Products