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Anti Ageing Set (440 gms)

Anti Ageing Set (440 gms)

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  • The Anti Ageing set is formulated to keep the facial skin and body youthful and radiant with a natural glow. It comprises of a cleansing cream that purifies and tones the facial skin and a cream as well as moisturiser that hydrates and smoothens the skin after the cleansing regime. The shower gel improves the bathing experience with its aroma and nourishing ingredients.

    Active Ingredients : Almond Extract, Rose, Wheat Germ Oil, Lavender Oil, Orange Peel, Rosemary Oil, Turmeric Extract, Blueberry Extract, Mint Extract, Olive Oil, Bamboo Extract, Grape Seed Extract

  • This skin care set comprises of the following

    Enriched with the multi-vitamin content of Almonds, Wheatgerm& Rose, this cream has been specially developed to fight signs of aging. With Vitamin A & E, potent anti-oxidants, this cream promotes cellular renewal, while boosting production of collagen & delaying wrinkles. It keeps your skin supple & youthful.

    A luxurious blend of aromatherapy oils of Lavender & Rosemary, this cleanser gently rids the face of excess sebum (oil) and impurities. The Anti-septic & Anti-toxic properties of its ingredients, further helps soothe inflammation and keep acne under control.

    Vitamin rich blueberries in this shower gel prevent pre-mature aging, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and help improve skin elasticity.



    An anti-oxidant rich composition, this moisturizer keeps the skin soft and smooth, while delaying the signs of aging. A high concentration of Vitamin E and flavonoids, in Bamboo & Grape Seed Extract, promote the production of collagen; keeping the skin firm and delaying wrinkles. It also promotes cell regeneration; making your skin soft, supple and forever youthful!

  • Anti Ageing Cream - Cleanse Face. Apply Lavishly All Over The Face And Neck. Gently Massage In Upward Direction. Use Daily Morning And Before Going To Bed At Night.

    Lavender Cleansing Cream - Apply A Generous Layer On The Face And Neck. Massage Gently In Circular Motions For 5-7 Minutes. Rinse Thoroughly Or Remove With Moist Cotton.

    Blueberry Shower Gel - Turn on the shower and step inside Pour some gel onto a ponge or washcloth Lather the soap Gently scrub yourself all over Rinse it all off.

    Bamboo Moisturizer - Cleanse Skin Thoroughly. Apply All Over The Face, Arms And Neck In The Morning And At Night. Makes A Perfect Make-Up Base.

Anti Ageing Set (440 gms)
Rs. 465 Rs. 442 5 % off Share

Anti Ageing Set (440 gms)

Anti Ageing Set (440 gms)
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