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Lemongrass Cleansing Milk with Liquorice Root extract - Anti Pigmentation Therapy (110 ml)

Lemongrass Cleansing Milk with Liquorice Root extract - Anti Pigmentation Therapy (110 ml)

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A super luxurious blend of herbals oils and extracts, that effectively target Blemishes, pigmentation marks and dark spots.

Lemongrass Oil has excellent Anti-pigmentation and scar removal properties.

Liquorice Root extract Remove dark spots by reducing production of melanin.


Why cleansing milk is used?

Cleansing is one of the essential steps for a good skin care regime and a cleansing milk is a perfect combination of a cleanser and a moisturizer. It removes dirt, grime, impurities, oil and makeup to keep your face clean and beautiful. A cleansing milk with the goodness of lemongrass and licorice roots perhaps the best cleanser for all skin types that will not only deeply cleanse the skin but also effectively reduce dark spots, pigmentation marks and blemishes.

Lemongrass Oil - Lemongrass oil is extracted from Cymbopogon citratus and is known to be an effective skin toner and powerful astringent. Lemongrass extract seeps deep into the layers of the skin and controls the secretion of oil, opens and unclogs pores, further helping in keeping acne and eruptions away. It is a potent antiseptic which heals the skin without harming it. It helps in reversing the effect of harsh chemicals on the skin. Pigmentation, blemishes, scars and patches are acted on and cured right from the first application. Also skin allergies, fungal infections and even cellulite is effectively attacked and treated with Lemongrass Extract. It improves the blood circulation making nutrients easily available to the skin.

Licorice Root – Licorice root extracts has glycyrrhizin which has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and thus it is widely used to treat skin issues like acne and eczema. Being a rich source of antioxidants, these roots offer anti-ageing and skin brightening benefits too. Licorice extract fights the free radicals by preventing the excess melanin production and helps treating hyper-pigmentation, lighten dark spots and gives an even skin tone. It is also known to prevent pigmentation marks that occurs due to the sun rays.


Apply a generous layer on the Face and Neck. Massage gently in circular motions for 4-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly or remove with moist cotton.


Ingredients : Lemongrass (Cymbopogaon schoenanthus) Essential Oil, Liquorice Root Extract, Sandalwood (Santalum Album) Oil, Manjistha Extract, Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil derivative, Vitamin E, DM Water (Aqua).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Really effective product

I like to follow a proper skin care regime and cleansing is one of the most important steps I have recently included this lemongrass cleansing milk in my skin care routine and am happy with the results It makes my skin smooth and healthy

Amazing Product

This product is amazing I have used Vaadi aloe vera cleansing milk earlier and wanted to try this new one. I am happy with the results

Amazing Product

Superb product and the fragrance of lemongrass is amazing too I use it by taking 5_6 drops on my hand and rubbing gently all over my face and after that I wipe it off with cotton. My skin feels smooth and clean instantly.?

It?s really work.

The product is good and has no side effects I am happy with my purchase.?

excellent & great product

It is really gentle on my sensitive skin I have tried almost all cleansing milk available in the market but found this one useful for my skin.?



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